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    • Entry-level razor from Weishi
    • Twist-to-open/butterfly head
    • Gunmetal gray with textured handle


    Just getting started with this wet shaving experiment? Then this just might be the right place to start. Modeled after the Gillette Superspeed razor of the 1950/60s, this is an inexpensive, gentle starter utensil. Even the butterfly/Twist-to-open head is perfect for the newbie. Try out Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in Case.

    This is a classic DE safety razor. It has a TTO (twist to open) head that allows quick and easy blade changes. So once you've found your favorite blade (don't have a favorite? check out a sample pack) it is a breeze to keep a sharp one in your grooming tool. Twist the bottom of the handle and the doors on the head open, allowing you to discard the used blade and install a fresh choice. Easy-peasy!

    This is a very mild option so it is great as you perfect your technique. The textured handle provides grip in wet environments and the gunmetal gray color is attractive. It stands out in a world of chrome.

    Your purchase comes with the following:

    • Razor
    • Case w/ mirror
    • Cleaning brush
    • 5 Dorco ST300 Blades

    Made in China

    Click on any of the below videos to start playing our Shaving101 videos about Safety Razors.

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