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West Coast Shaving has been dedicated to democratizing wet shaving, making it accessible to everyone. Through years of consumer education and the production of high-quality products, we strive to bring the classic shaving experience to as many individuals as possible. But what about the used razor blades? In the past, older homes might have had a slot in the medicine cabinet for disposing of these blades, but what's the modern solution? Enter the WCS disposable razor blade bank – a safe and convenient way to dispose of used blades.

Constructed in understated black with the WCS logo, this blade bank offers a discreet solution for safely storing used razor blades. Simply slide your used blades into the slot, and when it's full, dispose of it safely in your trash. With the capacity to hold dozens of blades, this bank ensures that your waste management remains secure. Plus, if you have access to blade recycling facilities, the removable base allows for easy retrieval of the blades for recycling, enabling eco-friendly disposal options while keeping both you and waste management workers safe.

Size: 1 bank

  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Accessories

West Coast Shaving Black Disposable Razor Blade Bank Case

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