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10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.
10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.

Wholly Kaw After Shave Toner, Masquerade

  • Tightening aftershave toner
  • Scented with tobacco and oud
  • Also, available in a matching vegan or tallow-based shaving soap

Wholly Kaw has created a line of grooming products with thoughtful ingredients and phenomenal scents. They are consistently producing products that will love your skin and keep you coming back for more.

This toner is a non-alcohol based post-shave product. It nourishes and enhances your shave. It contains hyaluronate crosspolymer-2 which is a water-absorbing molecule perfect for helping retain moisture and replenish your skin.

This complex aroma is a perfect complement to a mysterious enigma who stands out from the crowd. Notes of tobacco, bergamot, pepper, and lemon will draw your attention. Then a spicy heart of ginger and coriander will make you take a second look (sniff), while the base of amber, oud, and woody notes will keep your intrigued.

Size: 4oz

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer-2, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Croton Lechleri Resin Powder, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol