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    Check out these brushes from Yaqi! 

    Yaqi is a Chinese brand that has been getting some traction in the wet shaving world with their high quality, rock bottom price, and exceptional design. Make one part of your daily routine. They specialize in a synthetic knot - dries fast, durable, and packed densely in the handle.

    This handle is curvaeous with a deep blue (almost purple), gleaming finish. It comes with natural-colored synthetic hair - great for producing a prodigious lather. And it comes in two sizes so you can pick your perfect match.

    Pick 24 or 26mm from the drop down menu.

     24mm 26mm
    Brush knot diameter:  24mm (+/-1mm) 26mm(+/-1mm)
    Loft size:  53mm (+/-1mm) 55mm (+/-1mm)
    Handle height: 66mm (+/-1mm) 67mm (+/-1mm)
    Widest part of the handle diameter: 38mm  (+/-1mm) 40mm  (+/-1mm)
    Material: Synthetic hair Synthetic hair
    Handle: Resin Resin



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