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    • Traditional Shaving brush
    • Synthetic hair
    • Blue swirled handle
    Yaqi Brushes are getting some buzz. And we're happy to bring them to you -exceptional quality, exceptional price, exceptional design from this Chinese brand.
    They are known for their synthetic hair that whips us a rich, dense lather. And since synthetic is durable, quick-drying, and cruelty-free it turns out to be a great choice. It is densely packed into this stunning handle. 

    Check out this star-studded beauty. Deep blue swirls with sparkling “stars” will light up your bathroom counter. The tuxedo tips give it a little flair as well (black with white tips). This one comes in a bulb or fan shape.

    Pick bulb or fan from the drop down menu. 

     Bulb Fan
    Brush knot diameter:  26mm (+/-1mm) 26mm(+/-1mm)
    Loft size:  57mm (+/-1mm) 57mm (+/-1mm)
    Handle height: 62mm (+/-1mm) 65mm (+/-1mm)
    Widest part of the handle diameter: 40mm  (+/-1mm) 40mm  (+/-1mm)
    Material: Synthetic hair Synthetic hair
    Handle: Resin Resin



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