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  • Traditional Shaving brush
  • Synthetic hair
  • Metal handle

Check out these brushes from Yaqi! This Chinese company is giving wet shavers great shaving products. With high quality, lots of designs, and low prices, many shavers are falling in love with Yaqi.

This brush is loaded Yaqi's synthetic hair, which has fabulous characteristics. Great backbone, excellent water retention, good face feel. In addition, synthetic is fast drying, low lasting, and easy to maintain. This Timberwolf knot is a black knot with a white highlight.

This metal handle is a unique look for a modern bathroom. It is a brushed metal so it has a matte-like finish. Modern and clean. This short brush is great for bowl, face, palm lathering as it can give you nice control.

  • Hair material: Timberwolf Knot - Synthetic
  • Handle material: Metal
  • Brush knot diameter: 24MM (+/-1mm)
  • Loft size: 60MM (+/-1mm)
  • Handle Height: 48MM (+/-1mm)

  • SKU: SB-YAQ-036
  • Brand: Yaqi
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Yaqi M150801-S2 Short Heavy Metal Shaving Brush

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