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    • Traditional Shaving brush
    • Boar hair
    • Red/Black handle

    West Coast Shaving has Yaqi Brushes! Throughout the wet shaving community, Yaqi has been getting buzz from wet shaving enthusiasts, so we are happy to bring them to you. 

    This black boar hair will help you whip up a thick, dense lather. Good for soaps or creams, try out this exceptional shaving brush.

    This one will get you raring to go. The gleaming red & black handle shines like a newly waxed hot rod. It does resemble something from that famed Italian car maker.Take this one for a spin in boar bristle.


    • Brush knot diameter: 24mm
    • Loft size: 55mm
    • Handle height: 66mm
    • Widest diameter of the handle: 39mm


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