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  • Traditional Shaving brush
  • Synthetic hair
  • White handles

Yaqi brushes are sure to please with a myriad of color/design/shape options, great pricing, and good quality.

  • Handle: This brush is a bright white beauty. Curvaceous and ergonomic, it fits great in the hand. And it is stamped with Yaqi brush.
  • Size: Pick one of two sizes. The smallest comes in at a 22mm knot size, perfect for travel or whipping up a bowl lather. The largest is 30mm and this knot is sure to produce some prodigious lather in bowl, mug, or face.
  • Hair: The hair is a synthetic nylon, quick-drying and long lasting, and densely packed into the handle. You can choose it in two sizes; live the high life with the Tuxedo blend of black with white tips.

Pick 22mm Tuxedo, 30mm Tuxedo, from the dropdown menu

22mm 30mm
Brush knot diameter: 22mm (+/-1) 30mm(+/-1)
Loft size: 45mm (+/-1) 66mm (+/-1)
Handle height: 47mm (+/-1) 55mm (+/-1)
Widest part of the handle diameter: 37mm (+/-1) 45mm (+/-1)
Material: Tuxedo Synthetic hair Tuxedo
Handle: Resin Resin

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  • SKU: SB-YAQ-014-P
  • Brand: Yaqi
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Yaqi White Handle Synthetic Shaving Brushes, Tuxedo Knot

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