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    • Set of moustache care products
    • Black, plastic comb from Cowboy Comb
    • 3 moustache waxes: Beardbrand, Captain Fawcett, & Godl Dachs Bartwichse

    "You need a shave!" If them's fightin' words, then you need to check out our Yosemite Sam Moustache Set to keep your lip rug in rare form and show them varmints a things or two. And we've combined a thing or two to make it happen.

    • Cowboy Comb, Black - A perfect grooming utensil designed for moustaches and shaped like a moustache. This clever device is perfect for contouring your cookie duster. Perfect to comb your styling product through your whiskers. Speaking of products, here a three wonderful choices in scent and hold to meet your needs.
    • Beardbrand Mustache Wax, Spiced Citrus - Made from natural beeswax, this wax provides all day hold with a warm, wonderful, comforting scent. Clove and vanilla mix for a light, sweet fragrance.
    • Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax, Sandalwood - This medium hold wax is for men who are "keeping a stiff upper lip, regardless". Scented with sandalwood, this is a masculine, everyday grooming essential that you don't want to miss.
    • Gold Dachs Bartwichse Hungarian Moustache Wax - While it might be a mouth-full to say, this wax has stood the test of time -- literally and figuratively. This long time styling product was used by Salvador Dali AND it lasts all day to give you the hold you want. Lightly scented with vanilla.

    Get this kit to keep your 'stache in hand.

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