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    • Hair rejuvenator by Youthair
    • Gradually restores natural color
    • Conditions and aids in manageability


    Youthair Creme, produced by American International Industries out of Los Angeles, is your solution to graying hair. If you have to admit that you aren't quite ready to grow old gracefully, this is the product for you. It is a "hair color rejuvenator and hair conditioning treatment designed to blend away gray and restore your natural color on a gradual basis." From the makers of the world famous Clubman line of products, you are sure to get a top of the line grooming essential.

    This creme is applied directly to your graying hair and over time delivers the essential ingredients needed to restore your natural color. Use daily until you achieve the look you want and then maintain with a once or twice weekly application. You can grow old gracefully when you can control the amount of gray. Unlike hair dyes, this melanin substitute doesn't trap you into a vicious cycle of all or nothing.

    And that isn't all, it also improves manageability as it doubles as a mousse. It increases thickness and softness with a conditioning agent. It fights dryness, flyaways, and brittle hair. It is a great protectant, too -- against extreme weather, heat styling, and harsh shampoos.

    Get the product, get the girls. Reviewer Gene said, " I started going gray at 40 and the girls just didn't like it. With youthhair, my natural dark brown color returned, and so did the girls."

    Size: 3.75oz.

    Made in the USA

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