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New WCS Shaving Soaps & Splashes Available Now!
New WCS Shaving Soaps & Splashes Available Now!

Zingari Man Extrait de Parfum, Navigator

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$81.99 - $81.99
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  • Strong, long lasting scent
  • Frosted glass bottle with pump
  • Scented with amber, marine, musk

Heather Melton has years of experience as a certified cosmetic formulator to back her amazing line of skin-loving products. From soaps to splashes to balms, you will see her care in everything she does.

This extrait de parfum is the icing on your grooming cake. You’ve showered, shaved, splashed and now you can take even more of those wonderful fragrances into your day. Mist on some of this aroma and you will make everyone’s day better.

Scented with her marine, amber, and musk fragrance, The Navigator, you can’t go wrong. It evokes the strong, steady hand that keeps the ship on course as the sea billows and winds blow.

Size: 50ml