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SAVE 10% Off Our Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Creams & Soaps!
SAVE 10% Off Our Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Creams & Soaps!

Zingari Man Shaving Soap, The Gatherer

  • Tallow-based, lathering shaving soap
  • Scented with a peach, bitter orange & musk
  • Also available with a matching aftershave splash

This tallow-based shaving soap is filled with nourishing ingredients that will provide slickness, protection, and exceptional post-shave face feel. The addition of shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil and palm oil all contribute to a wonderful lather.

And a wonderful lather needs a wonderful scent. This scent is perfect for summer. As the blooms of spring give way to the ripening fruit of summer, there you find this aroma. Notes of sweet peach, bitter orange peel, and musk. Gather in the summer, gather in the aroma.

Size: 5oz

Ingredients: Stearic acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Beef tallow, Shea butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor oil, Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Jojoba oil, Oat bran oil, Shea butter (and) Glyceral Rosinate (and) Olive oil unsaponifiables, Coconut oil, Daikon Seed extract, Goat milk, Coconut milk, Sodium lactate