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Raedical Beard Care

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Raedical Beard Care Reviews
Raedical Move Beard Oil One of the best oil beards out there, designed for real men (think steel toe boots, leather jackets, motorcycles). Does a superb job of holding your beard in place apart from providing excellent shine. Excellent against the elements with a great citrus scent. This European-produced oil is one of the best.
Raedical Camber Mustache Wax I have tried literally every mustache wax known to man and this is definitely the best one, especially for a goatee with hairs that tend to frizzle. Best hold, excellent scent, awesome value.
Gogh to apply without od stuff
Raedical IP66 Mustache Wax Last month I decided to do an extended handlebar for Movember this year. Needed a wax that was pliable enough to hold the shape without pulling hairs out while sculpting.

The IP66 filled the bill perfectly. Three months to go and this is now my go-to wax for the duration of the experiment Please don't run out of it.
Very good
Raedical Camber Mustache Wax "Camber wax works great. Shapes nicely. The fragrance isn't very appealing, however. Would consider again if it came with a different smell. Also, there is no way to stop the OVERWHELMING number of emails I have received after I purchased my products. If they continue, I won't be buying from them again.
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