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Largest Selection Pack Reviews
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything I have been a DE shaver for several years. The wife always grabs my blades from the local store or pharmacy. Finally broke my DE razor and bought a new one from West Coast and had them throw in a sampler pack of blades. Wow, imagine my surprise when I put a new Feather in my new razor. Turns out the blades from the store are not actually sharpened!!! At least compared to the Feather! I am now on a box of Astros and getting excellent shaves as well. The blades are also lasting longer than the store blades. Well worth the money.
Great Sample Pack!
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything I only bought my safety razor a few months ago, so I am still trying out different razors. This sample pack was a great value and a great way to find out what I like.
Excellent Selection
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything Very big selection to help you choose which blade is best for you. "Everything sample pack" is a fitting name. some excellent, some good and some not so good for my face, but that's what this sampler pack is for. really good price too.
Great Blade
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything Received the package of assorted blades a week ago, and I have tried only the "Feather " brand so far. It gave me a nick free, close shave for four shaves so far. I hope to get several more.
Really Excellent Sampler Pack
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything This is a really superb pack. It contains a wide variety of blades, and it includes full packs (as opposed to just a couple of blades) so you can get a really good feel for how a particular blade will perform for you. If you haven't yet found your blade, I would highly recommend this sampler pack!
Haven't had a chance to
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything Haven't had a chance to try all of the different blades yet. But so far so good.

On the way to find the perfect blade for me
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "Nice sample pack. Still working my way through it. Had a couple of decent ones a few duds. But this is what it's all about right. Definitely like dealing with west coast for sure.
You won't regret it.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "So I've been with DG DE and Dorco for some time now, I've been wanting to try other blades and this was probably the best way to try. Of course I'm not going to like everything in it. It's a sample pack. You'll only know what works best for Your skin type with Your hair type in Your razor by trial and error. Try it once and find your best shave.
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