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  • 10 pack of blades
  • Texturizing edge for adding volume to hairstyles
  • Sharp and safe blades

In the world of razors, Feather is synonymous with SHARP. They set the standard for the sharpest and safest cutting utensils in the industry. From shaving to hairstyling, they know how to cut it! And you will love cutting with these texturizing blades. 

Sold in a 10 pack, these unique edges cut hair in small sections, leaving varied lengths to add volume and texture to your style. When used with a Feather razor, the blade fits tight to the handle so there isn't any chatter or movement when cutting. The blades are extremely sharp but they are kept safe with a patented guard so you won't cut yourself -- or your client. Also, hair won't get stuck between the guard and blade. 

Many Feather professional razors allow for disaposal/replaceable blades in order to meet the exactly sanitation demands of the powers that be. Having a new blade also keeps things well honed and ready to tackle the toughest jobs. 

Get these 10 pack today and you will never been without a sharp tool! 

Size: 10 pack 

Made in Japan