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Reef Point Shaving Soaps

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Reef Point Shaving Soaps Reviews
Incredibly good shaving soap.
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Earl Grey and Ginger The product description by WCS is spot on, this is one of the best shave soaps I've used in nearly 15 years of wet shaving. The soap loads easily with a few swirls of my damp, pure badger Shavemac and a few drops of warm water. Face lathering (something I rarely do) nearly exploded into thick, rich lather that had my R41 gliding effortlessly and my skin felt perfectly soft with zero razor burn. This is obviously created by someone who knows first hand what sensitive skin needs for a comfortable shave. The scent is fairly faint (as is the natural of Earl Grey tea) with a light, smoky aroma brightened by the ginger. I didn't detect any bergamot notes but I'm a longtime smoker so others might pick up on it easier. Since I didn't have the matching AS splash or balm, I used my normal witch hazel and a bergamot splash and had a wonderfully comfortable experience, I shaved at 9:00am and my skin still felt smooth and moisturized when I went to bed that night.

I wish Reef Point had been available back when I started wet shaving but it will be a constant in my shave den from now on.
Great product!
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Aviator Clean and fresh smell, lathers up really well, and easy to rinse off! Definitely one to have in the rotation!
Instant Favorite
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Dragon's Blood This soap amazes at first use. The scent is wonderful and lathers very easy. The thick creamy lather is slick with excellent cushion. Had bowl lather left after 3 passes, Plus clean ups. great post shave feel. Do bloom it for a few minutes before use.
Awesome stuff!
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Submariner "Smells fantastic but not overpowering. Feels great on the skin and lathers easily. I've been using it for a couple weeks and seems like it will last a long time. If you don't want to break the bank buying a premium shave soap try this stuff out. 10/10 would purchase again.
West Coast Shaving Review.
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Admiralty Basically I am very happy with the way my order was handled. Shipping price was goo and I found the parcel was well packaged.

I did find it took a little time for the parcel to leave your location. Not really a big deal.
Exceptional Shave
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Dragon's Blood.I'm a sucker for the smell of incense as well as vanilla, so this soap was practically designed for me. It lathered extremely well, and seemed to have a moisturizing effect. The scent is not so much "fresh" as it is manly and pleasant. More of a cologne like smell than a soapey smell, which I prefer. I get tired of all my shaves having a basic, boring soap scent. Paired with a sandalwood aftershave this is a winner. Will buy again when it is in stock.
Great Soap
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Submariner.This is my second tub of Reef Point Submariner Shaving Soap. It is a wonderful product, the lather, slickness, cushioning, and fragrance is among the best I have ever encountered! Get yourself some, you won't be sorry.
A New Number One
Reef Point Shaving Soap, Classic Barbershop.I asked for help from WCS for a shaving soap that complimented the Pinaud Clubman products. The 'Classic Scent' is clean, lite fresh scent with hints of a cool water / Aqua. This soap gives a slick, superior lather without drying out. I was so ready to try this product I forgot to use a pre-shave oil. Didn't matter. My strait razor glided over my face with ease and sliced my beard like butter. My shave experience with this product was 98% as good as "The Royal Shave" by a master barber I recently had. This is my new NUMBER 1 for shaving soaps! Thanks WCS!
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