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This set has everything that you need for a full traditional wet shaving experience. We mixed our best selling razor and brush with sample packs of cream, blades, and aftershaves. The set gives you the perfect hardware to continue with your routine for years to come, and the opportunity to figure out what you like in the categories that are more preference driven. The set includes:

  • Closed Comb Safety Razor
  • Silvertip Shaving Brush
  • Sample Pack of Shaving Creams (6 Creams)
  • Sample Pack of Razor Blades (40 Blades)
  • Sample Pack of Aftershaves (6 Aftershaves)
  • Stand to hold the Safety Razor and Brush
  • Hand Made Shaving Bowl

*This set comes with a FREE MONOGRAMMED Shave Towel. Above there are two lines where you enter the initials that you would like to appear on the towel. Please type in your initials in the following order: First, Last, Middle. So for John F Kennedy, you would put JKF.

Here is a little more info on each individual item:

  • West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection Razor 84B, Black Stainless Steel, Closed Comb - This nostalgic handle is constructed with solid 303 stainless steel and coated with black so it is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and dramatic. The curving and knurling on this handle are like the knobs or knuckles on a bamboo shoot. It helps you keep a firm grip on your grooming utensil. The heads are zinc-alloy with black-coating. This razor comes with a closed comb head.
  • West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Silvertip, Tortoise - We've loaded this brush with top-of-the line badger hair. This natural fiber is most prized by shaving aficionados as it has good backbone and water retention to help you whip up a fabulous lather. And silvertip hair is some of the best. These hairs are the highest quality badger – soft to the touch with a great face feel. The 26mm knot is a lather monster with a densely-packed large head to produce your lubricant.
  • Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack - Here it is! The sample pack you’ve been waiting for. We’ve complied all of West Coast Shaving’s bestselling creams into one phenomenal package. Try the classic, old favorites that have been protecting men’s faces for years. Or some newer offerings that have buzz on wet shaving forums. (6 different creams)
  • DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice - The DE Blade Sample Pack, Choice is loaded with good stuff. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. (5 different brands to try, 40 total blades).
  • Best Seller Aftershave Sample Pack - With a sample pack like this, you can find a favorite and give the rest away or enjoy them all. The 10 ml sample is packaged in a small bottle with atomizer so you can deliver your scent right where you want it.
  • The West Coast Shaving 312 is another true classic stand to house your grooming gear. The chrome stand with etched chevron/triangle design is beautiful, as well as functional, being designed to hold both your razor and shaving brush. It has a nicely weighted base for stability and a foam bottom so it doesn't slip or scratch your counter-top.
  • Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Two-Toned Blue - We have commissioned a potter to create these beautiful custom shaving bowls. Each bowl is hand thrown on a potters wheel to our specifications. The top diameter is approximately 4.25" and the height is approximately 1.25", perfect for whipping up a luxurious lather.