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Beautifully designed shaving set contains :

  • DE Chrome Barley Chatsworth Razor with long handle and extra grip
  • Silvertip Badger Brush made from soft, top-quality badger hair
  • Chrome-plated stand to beautifully display your razor and brush when not in use

This beautifully designed and manufactured 3 piece double edge set by Edwin Jagger showcases some of their best products. If you like top of the line, this set does not fall short, it is elegant, polished, and refined.

Included is a Double Edge safety razor in their Chatsworth Barley design, which has a longer handle on it and detailed texture that provides you with a secure grip while shaving. The Silvertip brush is soft and made from top quality badger hair. The chrome plated stand completes this gem, providing a handsome place to store your gear while it's not in use.

This is a great purchase for you or as a gift for someone else that includes all the gear you need to get started or to even upgrade your wet shaving experience. All of these products that are included will give you outstanding performance and will be the envy or all your friends, as this masterpiece boasts a duo of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology.


  • DE Chrome Barley Chatsworth Razor
  • Silvertip Badger Brush
  • Chrome Plated Double Wired Stand

Made in England.

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