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  • High quality stainless steel razor with blue anodized finish
  • Slender & Textured handle
  • Choose a head in closed or open comb

West Coast Shaving is at it again. We're launching another set of safety razors sure to turn heads. Check out our newest collection - Titanium Collection. Economical, effective, enduring, and elegant! These gorgeous utensils will class up any shaving den. Check out WCS Blue Titanium Collection Razor, 78BL.

This stainless steel grooming requisite undergoes an anodizing process to create a virtually indestructible finish. No scratching, nicking, staining, or fading. The metallic blue gleam of the satin-finish will never falter on this one. We're calling it the Titanium collection for the amazing endurance and out-of-this-world feel. Add your favorite blade and you'll be destroying those whiskers in no time.

This is a slender grooming requisite. The handle diameter isn't a large as some but it has extra length. The perfect tool for longer strokes- head shavers and woman shavers might like this possibility. It has a nice knurling pattern for excellent grip in wet environments. The chrome heads come in open or closed comb. (The handle is compatible with most standard 3-piece, DE safety razors). We are so passionate about getting these classic tools into the hands of everyone that we've created a high-quality, razor-to-last-a-lifetime at an economical price point.


  • Height - almost 4"
  • Weight - 78g

  • Weight - 78g
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