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  • Classic DE safety razor
  • Stainless steel handle, chrome head
  • Hammered style-handle

Wielding a device like this might put you in mind of forging rings in Mt. Doom. These exquisite instruments coming out of Charcoal Goods are a beautiful intersection between design and function. Brian Twilley has a master degree in Fine Arts and a deep well of knowledge from apprenticing with an old-school machinist. He blends those things perfectly in his safety razor creations. Working off a WWII era machine that he restored (rather than a blacksmith forge in a smoking mountain), he turns out amazing handles. Check out Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Hammered Handle, Stainless.

His stainless steel items are machined from solid 316L grade stainless steel and then finished with Renaissance wax. The handle measure approximately 3in long, but slight variations occur which make each one unique. The closed comb head is chrome plated to protect against corrosion and wear.

This handle is dotted with the tap of a thousand hammers -- ahem, well, maybe that was a bit fanciful, but the divoted handle might put you in mind of sword hilts, chain mail, and adventuring. This handle has amazing texture and grip in wet environments. It is also durable and rust-resistant.


  • Handle height - 3in
  • Weight (with closed comb head) - 82g

Made in USA of US and Imported Parts