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  • Classic DE safety razor
  • Beautifully machined twin helix handle & head
  • In antique brass finish

Wielding a device like this might put you in mind of forging rings in Mt. Doom. These exquisite instruments coming out of Charcoal Goods are a beautiful intersection between design and function. Brian Twilley has a master degree in Fine Arts and a deep well of knowledge from apprenticing with an old-school machinist. He blends those things perfectly in his safety razor creations. Working off a WWII era machine that he restored (rather than a blacksmith forge in a smoking mountain), he turns out amazing tools. Check out Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Machined Head & Twin Helix Handle, Antique Brass.

This brass marvel is machined from 360 free-machining brass and then undergoes a six-step process to create the antique patina finish. The handle measures approximately 3in long, but slight variations occur which make each one unique. The accompanying head is also full-machined from brass and finished to match the handle. The closed comb is similar to the Edwin Jagger DE89 in aggressiveness.

The twin helix design is a narrow spiral prefect to provide grip with wet hands. It might even put you in mind of a sword hilt or barber pole. Regardless of your frame of reference, it is a beautiful and effective shaving requisite. Get yours today!


  • Handle Height - 3in
  • Razor weight - 82g