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  • 3-piece DE safety razor
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Powder coated in yellow

Wet shaving isn't all boring chrome and staid refinement. At West Coast Shaving, we think your shave should be the ultimate in Me Time. Ergo, your grooming utensils should be as colorful and quirky as you are. So, while we will always love our gleaming tools and classic brushes, we are excited to bring you a line of razors to match any personality or decor. Try West Coast Shaving Safety Razor, The Rebel, Yellow.

This 3-piece DE razor has a textured handle constructed with solid 303 stainless steel so it is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. This is a slender grooming requisite. The handle diameter isn't a large as some but it has extra length. The perfect tool for longer strokes- (head shavers and woman shavers might really like this possibility, too). It has a nice knurling pattern for excellent grip in wet environments. The closed comb head is zinc-alloy with a powder-coating.

Whether you need a pop of color in your life, or you ARE the pop of color in life, you need this yellow razor. This bright, powder-coated grooming utensil certainly colors outside the standard grooming gear lines! If you love to buck the system, march to your own drum, and break the rules, then you need WCS Safety Razor, The Rebel, Yellow.


  • Height- almost 4"�
  • Weight - 78g

  • Weight - 78g
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