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Safety Razor Sets

Are you someone who really likes everything to match? Then you will definitely want to pick up one of these polished and refined shaving sets to get yourself set up with a safety razor, shaving brush, and stand that all fit together and match nicely.

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Some of our top brands, including Edwin Jagger and Merkur, have pieced together these exquisite sets to make shopping easy and still give you the quality you deserve. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys classic wet shaving, you cannot go wrong with one of these elegant sets.

Safety Razor Sets Reviews
WCS Starter Kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own Not new to WCS, have purchased in the past.

Had to take advantage of the starter kit offer.

The razor is outstanding, as well as the shaving soap.

The brush was new to me as I never had so soft a brush!

Astra blades are top notch.

I suggest everyone buys from WCS, the prices are great and the service tremendous .
Ladies Safety Razor Starter Kit-Build Your Own This kit is perfect to get you started! Great price and great quality!
Build your own starter kit
WCS Starter Kit - Build Your Own Absolutely amazing!!! The razor is top notch, as is the brush and shave soap!!! I am absolutely pleased with everything!!!
I love it
Ladies Safety Razor Starter Kit-Build Your Own All of the things I got from this was amazing

I got the 77S I liked the sleek look and really is great for holding and does the job wonderfully! I am never going back to plastic razors!!

The sweet almond smells great 10/10 recommend

The Razors are great

The brush is my fave I didn't know how to use it at first but I got the hang of it

Over all I love this and cannot wait to try other products
First Time Safety Shaver
West Coast Shaving Starter Kit - Build Your Own Well after my first shave with this set I have to say.... I LOVE IT! It took me about 45 mins to get the job done and everything cleaned up! I don't think I will EVER go back to the cartridges again. I only had 1 little nick but for the most part a very enjoyable experience. I'm sure with more and more use it will be quicker and an even closer shave but very very pleased!
Definitely worth it
West Coast Shaving Starter Kit - Build Your Own Love the razor! Great weight and high efficiency. Lighthouse brush is a beauty, too. Haven't used the WCS Ocean shave soap yet, but it smells great. Astra blades are always a welcome addition. Shipping was pretty quick, too!
Build your own starter kit
West Coast Shaving Starter Kit - Build Your Own This should not at all be called a "starter kit" in that the name infers that it's more or less throw-away and only for a newbie. This is top quality gear and the razor (as pictured) will last for years. I am actually thinking about getting a second start kit as the deal is just that good!! I love wet shaving and love this product!
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