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  • Artisan-made hair cleanser
  • Helps to treat and prevent dandruff
  • Bottle of shampoo comes nestled in a gift box

There are all different types of hair, heads, and skin. Antica Barbieria Colla understands this. Since 1904, they have been serving the needs of their Italian and International clientele with this sort of attention to detail. Located in Milan, Italy, this little shop has had an enormous impact. And now they are bringing their exclusive line of men's grooming products out of the shop and into your hands. When you can't get to Italy, let them come to you with Antica Barbieria Colla Shampoo, Algae.

This shampoo is prepared according to a recipe passed down from founder Dino Colla to Mantovanini and now to owner, Franco Bompieri. Formulated to treat specific hair needs, their line of shampoos are luxurious and effective. Algae shampoo works to treat dandruff, and used regularly, to prevent it from recurring.

Dry scalp and hair is gone with this specially designed hair wash. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle within a signature Antica Barbieria Colla box. No detail is left unconsidered. When you can't be there, embrace the experience in the next best way - use their products. Enjoy Antica Barbieria Colla Shampoo, Algae.

Size: 200ml

Made in Italy