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very good!
Merkur Futur Shaving Stand, Polished Chrome #477 I have a merkur futur razor&futur silvetip brush. It came to perfection. Shipping is a bit slow, but very happy!
Superb cuticle cutters!
Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nipper I can't guess why there have been no reviews on this superb cuticle cutter. I have been using Tweezerman cuticle cutter for many years and it the only tool that will cut my very thick cuticles that no amount of 'pushing them back' will push them back. At 80 years old, my cuticles still need cutting. The first pair I bought twenty years ago, I thought they were tweezers. So, when I tried to use them as tweezers on my eyebrows, it drew blood. So, this is how I got introduced to this product. It is very sharp! I soften the cuticle first, run the tip of the Tweezerman tip backwards to loosen the cuticle from the nail, then cut it off. I get a very clean cuticle remover with this product. Tweezerman will sharpen it for free. I keep buying new cuticle cutters and now, I have several to send in for sharpening.
nice dopp bag
Game Day Dopp Bag "nice looking stylish, looking forward to using it.
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case, Brown "The case fits well into a crowded Dopp kit and protects the razor blade perfectly from all the knocking around during travel.
Good size,
TM1985 Box Dopp Kit, Charcoal and Black "Sturdy, well constructed
Good value for the money
Edwin Jagger Clear Drip Stand, Small "Good value for the money
An impulse buy with no regrets
Badger & Blade Medium Firma-Flex A5 Ruled Journal Notebook, Black "I purchased the Badger and Blade A5 ruled journal on a whim and was extremely pleased with the item on its arrival. It has a luxurious look and feel. Mow I just need to figure out what I will use it for!
What a nice bag
TM1985 Box Dopp Kit, Natural and Navy My wife bought me this dopp kit as a birthday gift. The construction and quality of the materials is top notch. I have a feeling that I'll be getting a lifetime of use out of this kit. It is smaller than my previous kit I owned, however that probably just means I was bringing too much stuff with me. You can't go wrong with this kit.
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