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Ancient Stone Collection

Inspired by the beauty of natural products that have been used for centuries, we created the Ancient Stone Collection of shaving brushes.

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Ancient Stone Collection Reviews
WC Ancient Stone Shaving Hrush
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Amethyst, Silvertip I've purchased 3 of the WC Ancient Stone Collection Shaving Brushes. They are beautifully made and the colors are fantastic. They are just the right size and an excellent buy for the money. They are very well made and do an excellent job of lathering. They are not as soft as a lot of other silvertip brushes and have some skritch to them. Overall I think you'll enjoy them.
Very nice brush
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Cobalt, Silvertip This brush is definitely a steal at this price. It feels so soft and luxurious on the face and gets softer with every use. It also has surprisingly good backbone and I love the handle. Great job wcs!
Very Pleased With My Purchase
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Jade, Black Synthetic The performance of this synthetic brush is top notch, and it's absolutely beautiful in appearance. It is a somewhat petite brush. I was skeptical that the knot was 24 mm as advertised, but I measured and it is indeed 24 mm. I have no complaints with this brush and would definitely purchase again.
nice brush
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Jade, Black Synthetic Just received this brush and I must say I'm impressed. Builds a nice lather and feels great, no to mention it looks great too.
Great Brush!
WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Amber, Silvertip After a couple of tries with a new Simpsons Duke 3 (the first one shed, the next was too scratchy), I saw that WCS was allowing you a week to try this brush. If I didn't like it, I could return it for a full refund. I really like the looks of the new "stone collection" handles (which are actually acrylic), and the combination of low price and a one week trial made this too good to pass up.

Now that I've had the brush for a couple of weeks, I have to say that it is truly a wonderful brush. It has backbone comparable to the Duke brushes (in addition to the Duke 3 I mentioned above, I also had a Duke 2 for many years), but it has softer tips. They are not "pillow soft" like some synthetics, but provide a gentle but firm pressure for a face latherer like me. The brush is not as dense as the Duke, but it is quite dense and provides very good flow through and lather release. I don't know how it would compare to some other high end brushes, like Thater, DaVinci or Shavemac, but at this price it is a great deal.
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