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  • Artisan, hand-turned shaving brush
  • Loaded with silvertip badger hair
  • Handle of maple burl & blue resin

Get in on this fabulous, unique, hand-turned line of shaving brushes. Chris Trimble has been turning brushes since 2012 when a serendipitous trip to his local barber ended up with him purchasing a 1950s Craftsman lathe. Like so many hobbies, his passion turned into a small business. Now, you can experience the artistry of his BrushCraft brushes. Check BrushCraft Knob Shaving Brush, Maple Burl & Deep Sea.

This shaving requisite is loaded with silver-tip badger hair. This top-of-the- line grade is fantastic for whipping up a frothy lather. The strands have a distinctive band and silver tips. Badger hair is known for water retention, great backbone, and soft face feel, so you get everything you need for an exceptional shave.

The handle is hand-turned wood and resin. Because of the wood grains and manual manufacturing, each base is unique. The knob shaped handle is a classic - not too curvy, but stable with ridge for grip. This masculine brush combines dark maple wood with a deep blue resin. It almost appears as if the crashing waves are suspended in your brush. The depth and movement make this a one-of-a-kind shaving utensil.

Rinse the shave soap out of the head, shake out excess water, then wipe handle so soap film doesn't accumulate after use, and it will serve you for many years to come.


  • Height - 2.5"
  • Knot - 24mm
  • Loft - 50mm

Made in the USA

  • Knot - 24mm
  • Loft - 50mm
  • Made in the USA