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Psychedelic Collection

When you need to add some groove to your shaving game, look no further than our Psychedelic Collection. We’ve got some wild and crazy handles loaded with black synthetic or silvertip badger hair, mon. With our latest line of brushes, you get a dizzying array of colors to match your personality or mood. These far out handles are trippy, dude. Captivating swirls, bright stripes, and metallic sprinkles provide a nice contrast to a world of monochromatic black and white.

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Psychedelic Collection Reviews
Exellent brush
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Fool's Gold, Silvertip This brush is exellent. The silvertip hair is oh so soft and feels luxurious. A great deal for a silvertip brush.
Pyschedelic awesomeness
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Disco Ball, Silvertip Great look, great face feel, pretty good value, highly recommend.
Pyschedelic awesomeness
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Tie-Dye, Silvertip Great face feel, great looks, decent price, good buy all around.
Nice brush
WCS Psychedelic Collection Brush, Gumby, Synthetic Nice little brush. I would prefer a slightly longer handle and more loft to the knot. The tuxedo style knot is very soft on the face and holds plenty of lather. I feel like the brush is slightly overpriced, even for such a nice looking handle.
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