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  • Large Simpson shaving brush
  • Loaded with pure badger hair
  • Classic horn/ivory handle with Simpson stamp

No wonder they are a staple in shaving dens around the world. Since 1919 when Alexander Simpson first hung out his shingle, these brushes have been earning an award-winning reputation. These grooming requisites are still made by hand with the traditional techniques used when the firm was founded.

The Eagle is a simple, inexpensive choice from Simpson. This is a great starter brush. It is loaded with pure badger hair. This hair is collected from the whole animal so it isn't the softest, luxurious hair, but it still creates a great lather. So grab your favorite soap or cream and get to shaving with this grooming essential. It works particularly well on soaps and has a scrubby face feel.

The G3 Eagle is the largest brush in the series, so it fits great in a man's hand. Set in an ivory-esque handle and stamped with the iconic Simpson banner, you can't go wrong this is traditional brush.

Size: Total height - 95mm

Made in England