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  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Loaded with top-of-the-line Silvertip badger hair
  • Jade-colored handle

West Coast Shaving is all about getting everyone into the wet shaving game. We want to bring you everything you need to enhance your shave -- from razors to creams to brushes. In our Ancient Stone Collection, we've tried to recreate the look of materials long used for decorative and functional purposes and put them in a shaving brush. These solid, polyresin grooming essentials will add a unique flare to your shaving routine. Try WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Jade, Black Synthetic.

Since the first function of a brush is to produce a prodigious lather and exfoliate those hairs on your face, we've loaded this brush with top-of-the line badger hair. This natural fiber is most prized by shaving aficionados as it has good backbone and water retention to help you whip up a fabulous lather. And silvertip hair is some of the best. These hairs are the highest quality badger- soft to the touch with a great face feel. The 24mm knot is a lather monster with a densely-packed large head to produce your lubricant. And we've set the knot deep in the handle for durability and comfort.
The handle is turned in our Torch handle shape. Sturdy and solid, this base is great for "man hands". The Chinese were mining Jade as early as 6000BC, so the long history of this "stone" is well-known. Jade was so revered in ancient cultures that it had more value than gold or silver. This handle may raise your shaving cred as well with its jade-coloring. Stand out with this WCS Ancient Stone Collection Brush, Jade.
Size: Knot: 24mm

Size: Knot: 24mm