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Shaving Cream Sample Packs

Whether you are trying to decide which cream is right for you, or you just enjoy the novelty of trying new creams, this is the page for you. We put together sample packs of some of our favorite cream suppliers, and we curated some packs that span different vendors.

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Shaving Cream Sample Packs Education

It is often hard to describe scents through words. We use words like dry, sweet, and clean to describe the scents that we carry, but sometimes you have to smell the cream for yourself. So we created sample packs that allow you to smell and try the creams yourself at a manageable price point. Each sample pack are multiple samples that contain 1/2 a tablespoon of cream each. Each sample lasts a few shaves, so that you can get a feeling for how the cream smells and performs.

Curate Sample Sets

We put together sample packs that include multiple manufacturers that all fall into one category. Like our Sandalwood Sample Pack, which includes 8 different sandalwoods, each with a different take on the sandalwood scent. This allows you to choose the sandalwood that best suits you.

Shaving Cream Sample Packs Reviews
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Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Everytime i get an order from these guys it is like chrisrmas
MB on Sample Pack
Luxury Shaving Cream Sample Pack Great idea to try different brands. I swirl my brush in shaving cream and build the lather on my face, so can’t do that with these small containers. I think that using these for travel will be good.
Barisster & Mann Sample Pack
Barrister and Mann Reserve Sample Pack Great Value. Able to try scents before committing to buy the full size. The issue with the Barrister & Mann products is which one to choose, they are all great.
Sweet samples
Barrister and Mann Reserve Sample Pack I ordered two amazing looking razors(one wooden handle with the open comb head and the other was a brass handle one with the closed comb head when the 20% discount special was going on and West Coast Shaving was generous enough to send me three free samples of shaving cream from Barrister & Mann the “reserve” line. Haven’t used them yet but looking forward to it .
A nice sampler collection!
WCS Sample Pack I haven't tried all of them, but I really liked the Gatsby. I wish the samples were in larger containers. Kind of hard to lather up in the small jars. They all smell great, though. I'm looking forward to trying all of them.
Tabac soap & Osage Rub
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Another fine transaction with WCS. Received my items on time as always. This was my first go with the Tabac soap, uses more water than the Sterling soap I’ve grown to love. Nice, clean, fresh scent and lathered up nicely after adding more water than I’m accustomed to. It held up well during shaving and left my face feeling slick in between passes. All in all I was pleased and it will be in my soap rotation.

Now for the Osage Rub... I absolutely love this stuff! Feels like your face has been hit with a flame thrower at first but then it cools and soothes. It leaves your face feeling revitilized after a fresh shave. I’ve been using the green Proraso and will continue to do so, my favorite all time go to. But the Osage Rub will be the first thing I apply right after a shave.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack Very much like my sample pack, nice selection and I have already picked out 2 for larger size order, Rose (She loves it) and Lavender. Another nice feature about the sample pack is due to the small size I am able to carry 3 in my Dopp Bag to save space. Can't go wrong guys.
The sample pack of shaving
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack The sample pack of shaving soap included with my last order was quite remarkable. Hewing off small chunks of soap from the sample and whipping it into lather produced mounds of soft, frothy lather which gave me probably the closest and smoothest shaves I can remember. I'll have to order some to replace the samples once I have used them up. This is good stuff. Thank you.
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