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Best Beginner Sample Pack

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Best Beginner Sample Pack Reviews
Money Saver and FUN !
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Realized what to buy (Speick, Bigelow), what not to bother with....great way to save time & $
Solid Collection
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Haven't tried them all, but there is a great mix of product here. I'm about 2 months new to safety razor shaving and enjoying the experience so far. TOBS Sandlewood is easy to lather, doesn't have any weird ingredients that I can tell, doesn't irritate my skin, and smells great. The tallow based cream is also a solid choice as well.
Sample Soaps
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Couldn't use all of them before this review but liked the one which i am using right now.....
Good starter set
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Being new to shaving things that aren't Gillette and Edge gel, I ordered the starter pack of shave creams to try. Of those included, the Speick was my favorite and I've ordered a full tube. Here are my thoughts:

Speick: My favorite of the pack. Clean smelling, good for mornings. Lubrication is good, slippery enough for two passes (if back-to-back) without reapplying. I think the beeswax helps. Thick lather, but low volume (Barbisol spray foam this is not) and not too fussy about how much water I used.

Bigelow: Smells like what I remember Dial soap smelling like before they went crazy with fragrances. Good lubrication, I credit the addition of coconut oil for that. The scent is clean and refreshing, good for mornings, like when I shave.

Taylor of Old Bond St sandalwood: good slipperiness and I like the scent well enough. I thought the Speick and Bigelow better, though.

Crown: the first I tried. When I applied it thickly enough it provided decent glide. I liked others better, though.

Cyril Salter Wild Rose: the rose scent is not what I wanted to wake up to in the morning. Now, if I could get my wife to use this when she does her legs... I was also disappointed that it was "drier" than some of the others, not as slippery.

Cella (croap): I didn't like this product. It was fussy to get any lather and wasn't slippery. Perhaps I'll try a similar product again when I have more experience. I was hoping to be able to compare tallow (Cella) and glycerine (the others) based products, but not on this go-around
Nice variety! You get a
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Nice variety! You get a chance to see what you like.
Great product
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack I bought a few sampler packs of blades and shaving lotions. I can't tell which ones are best as they all have benefits. But the price makes it all great. I don't mind shaving each day now.
Good cross section of different
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Good cross section of different scents and styles of creams.
The sample pack is a
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample PackThe sample pack is a great value and is packaged wonderfully. You receive a good amount of each shaving cream and is a great way to find your favorite brands. I'm extremely satisfied with the shipping and I received in a timely manner.
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