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Our Top Citrus Shaving Creams

If you like piña coladas . . . then you might be fond of this list of citrus-scented shaving requisites. From classic lemon and lime to unique pomegranate and grapefruit, these creams will put you in mind of an umbrella drink under a tiki hut. Classic, refreshing, clean – you can’t go wrong with citrus.

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Our Top Citrus Shaving Creams Reviews
Pretty good but one star down for lack of "limey-ness"
Cyril R Salter Essential Lime Luxury Shaving Cream I bought my first C. R. Salter product, a Mint version of this shaving cream, about a year ago, since that time I have collected the entire set. There are a lot of things I like about C R Salter's Shave creams:

1. They lather nicely even in moderately water. I use a dash of citric acid power in the hot sink water to soften it and the lather of all the scents is explosive.

2. The lather itself is very lubricating for my shaves.

3. The container is a double shell design with a double lid to keep in the scent and prevent drying and prevent cracking if you drop it. The container is also a nice size for loading a brush.

I placed it down a star because of it's (to me at least) rather subtle lime scent. Shaving soap scent is gone when you it rinse off, so I want to enjoy it when it is on my face. But you may see it differently, YMMV
Excellent shaving cream!
Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Shaving Cream Bowl This is the best shaving cream I have tried. It provides a clean smooth shave. The fragrance is mild and refreshing. It appears pricey but the bowl will last a long time.
Edwin Jaggar Limes etc
Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Cream 100ml, Limes & Pomegranate Great cream for beard. Shave smooth but slightly skimpy amount for price. Would buy again.
Citrus, good cushion, good lubricity
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Grapefruit That's it. I like citrus scents, and this has a pleasing level of grapefruit, not sweet or perfume- like. While it provides good lubricity, it also has enough body to give me some cushion. All in all, I like this as much as the Castle and Forbes Lime. And for almost half of the price.
Great TOBS Product,... BUT............
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Lemon & Lime TOBS Creams always provide some of the smoothest shaves available, and I have loved ham for decades. That said, the seller recently had a serious data breach, and my cc info, billing info, etc was pirated and compromised. Glad I was informed, but seller eschewed my request to provide some 'good-will compensation for having compromised my identity/payment info. They sell fine products, if one is willing to risk security
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Spiced Citrus, 3.4 oz Best shaving ever. All Musco shave creams are the best
Lime shaving cream is good
Taconic Shave Cream, Tequila Lime Shaving cream arrived 3 days after ordering-Great service. When I opened the container I found the tamper seal was torn and the contents seemed separated. Maybe the heat caused the oil to separate from the cream. I stirred the cream for a few minutes and it regained it's texture. The other cream I ordered had no tamper seal and had brush marks and bristles in it. Used shaving cream is not only bad business, but can be dangerous. Stay away from Goodfellas shaving cream. West Coast should know better than to ship returned goods.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Grapefruit The Taylor of Old Bond St sample pack was my first experience with a cream as opposed to the puck, and loved the grapefruit so much I bought the 5.3 oz bowl. The natural citrus scent (with just a hint of floral under notes) is a lovely way to start one's day, and I'm pleasantly surprised how little of the cream you need to whip up an impressive face-full of lather. The sandalwood is quite nice as well, and that may be my next purchase when this is done...or not; the grapefruit is rather addicting, albeit somewhat pricy, as you'd expect from a luxury brand like Taylor.
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