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Luxury Shaving Creams

Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself. . . splurge a little. . . invest in the best. With this list of luxury shaving creams, you can do just that. From the green hills of Scotland to the sun-drenched hills of Italy to the wild hills of New Zealand and everywhere in between, we curated some of the most sumptuous creams you can find.

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Luxury Shaving Creams Reviews
Solid and luxurious product, but could use a little more performance.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Platinum Collection Shaving Cream This cream has some great traits: It smells fantastic, it's easy to lather, and it's extremely smooth while offering excellent protection.

The scent: This is a fresh, very masculine, clean scent that is perfect for the warmer months. It's often tricky with fragrances to find something that is great for summer that doesn't feel generic or outdated. This definitely delivers with some very luxurious ingredients that smell expensive, somewhat unique, and high-class.

Razor Performance: Top notch. This cream is slick as can be and it leaves the skin feeling ready for another pass. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I can easily go with a 3 pass shave without my skin feeling soar or raw.

The downside: There's only one...a little DOES NOT go a long way with this cream. If you plan on using this for a multi-pass shave, make sure you really scoop a good amount out. This is not a cream that you can simply dip your finger in and have enough for the whole shave. This comes from the lather being quite thin even though there's plenty of volume when you're done lathering. I find once you've added a certain amount of water with this one, it becomes even thinner very quickly. I can tell I'll be flying through this tub quickly. For me, this hurts the value of this product a bit. I would be interested in trying the soap version of this product. Perhaps it will be more efficient.
GREAT Lather!
Taylor of Old Bond Street Platinum Collection Shaving Cream Platinum Collection produces among the best lather of any shave cream by TOBS---smooth and rich. Give a terrific shave. IMO the fragrance is a bit weak and nondescript, but pleasant enough.
Excellent shave cream
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream Love this company. Worth the money. Excellent performance!
Amazing product, great service,thanks
Antica Barbieria Colla Shaving Cream, Almond Oil Amazing product, great service,thanks
Best smelling shaving cream ever
Taylor of Old Bond Street Platinum Collection Shaving Cream I was in London a couple summers ago, and spent half a day between St James and Waterloo place, basically the center of the British men's grooming empire. I visited Truefitt and Hill, TOBS and Geo Trumper and smelled every cream they had. The internet is about the only place I can get these here in Oregon, and getting to test without buying was worth blowing off a half day of my business trip. My previous favorites were T&H 1805 and Mitchell's wool fat, but this is my new favorite, and I am very pleased that WCS has them in stock. there was only 1 tub left in the store in London, as it's a seasonal short run product. I was so excited to find it here, I ordered 4. Try it today and thank me later!
My favorite
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream Love this shaving cream! This is now my go to cream.
Castle Forbes is my new daily shave soap
Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream Super great cushioning. Don't need very much for a lot of lather. Smell is fantastic.
Incredible scent
Alvarez Gomez BARBERIA Shaving Cream A good shaving cream that smells very good. I’m still working out the right amount of water to use, but it shaved well, too.
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