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Favorite Rose Shaving Cream

A rose by any other name . . . might get more love from modern man. This floral scent might strike some men as too feminine, but it has long been a staple in classic shaving. So before you scroll right past this list, take a moment to give some love to this rich aroma.

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Favorite Rose Shaving Cream Reviews
Nice lather and scent
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Rose Easy to lather, creates a slick gliding surface. Pleasant scent is subtle, you won't be smelling it all day long. Appears that it will last quite a while, probably at least 3 months for me. Still tuning in how much I really need to use, less than almond size will get me 2 passes.
If you like TOBS...
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream It looks like pink frosting in the tub, but is white once applied. This is a true cream, not a croap, but you don't need much (it's easy to put too much on the brush). Lathers well. Scent isn't like grandma's perfume or anything. It's light, if not masculine, not really feminine either.
Simpson Vanilla & Rose Shave Cream
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream, Vanilla & Rose A fine quality cream with a pleasant and unique scent. It contains aloe which leads me to believe that the producers would be well served to indicate on the tin, that it is suitable for sensitive skin. Will purchase again.
Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream Great lather and aroma. This product allows the razor to glide through the shave. Long lasting as well. It does not take much to get the desired results
Wild Rose
Very fast and efficient service.
Very fast and efficient service. Thanks!! Your customer service person was extremely help and polite. Thanks again
Very nice scent. Does not
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream "Very nice scent. Does not lather up as well as other brands that I use. That being said I would buy it again.
Nice scent - Great creamy
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream "Nice scent - Great creamy shaving cream.
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