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Shaving Soaps, Creams & Aftershaves Sale Reviews
My #1 pick
The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Tube, Lemon "Selecting a shave cream is really a personal decision. My experience is The Art of Shaving creams in a tube are tops. After washing/wetting my beard, I run hot water on my brush, squeeze out the excess H2O, and place a small dime-size dollop of The Art of Shaving in/on the center tip of the brush. Then work up a lather on my beard. For a super close shave, don't rinse the brush after the first application. Once you've shaved, rewet the brush ever so slightly (a few drops) and re-work up a lather for the final shave. My favorite scent is Sandlewood.
Creamy Lather
The New York Shaving Company Shaving Soap Bowl, Sandalwood "Overall the product is very good, nice scent, great lather performance, nice packaging. My only knock is I think it is over priced. There are a lot of artisans with great products for less money.
good soap
Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap, Citron Neroli "This is a good all around soap. It lathers fairly easily and gives a nice creamy lather that helped me get a close comfortable shave. The scent is interesting on this one. You can smell the citrus hiding under a slightly spicy scent. it's not too strong but i guess average in that respect. it is a little smaller than i'd like for a $20 soap so i docked a star. if you don't mind that, definitely give this one a shot.
fantastic product
Soapy Bathman Shave Soap, Orang-ouli "One of my absolute favorite soaps of all time. I happen to love citrusy scents so this scent appealed to me. The scent is stronger than most soaps but it fades a little while shaving so it shouldn't be overpowering where you smell it through your aftershave. It is a hard puck so i'd advise to soak it for a little while but i don't know that the brush matters; i had no problem with a silver tip badger building a nice lather. performance is great with a great cushion and slickness. skin was smooth after as well. it is also a large puck and being it's so hard i anticipate it lasting a while and being worth the 20 bucks. overall, excellent soap and totally worth the price.
Tcheon Fung Sing Linea Intenso Shaving Soap, Arancio Amaro "I got this at a crazy price from another seller on a sale. It's my favorite Italian soap hands down, from the way it lathers, it's protection, and the scent! Very creamy Fanta scent!
Good Product, There Just Needs to be More of It
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream, Sandalwood I have a Simpson brush that I absolutely love, so when I saw that they also had a shaving cream, I decided to give it a try. If their cream was anywhere near the quality of their brushes, how could I go wrong. I have sampled quite a few creams and Simpsons is pretty good. To put things in some perspective, my favorite cream is Truefitt & Hill's sandalwood. While Simpsons will never take the place my Truefitt & Hill, I still consider it a very good shaving cream. It lathers up easily, has a great smell, and is slick enough to provide for a great shave. I find it very similar, both in smell and lather, to the the sandalwood cream put out by Taylor of Old Bond Street or Vulfix. That being said, my only complaint is the amount of product you get with Simpsons. Both Taylor and Vulfix give you a good deal more product and at a cheaper price to boot.
Very Light Scent
Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Soap in Tub, Aloe Vera My wife appreciates how light the scent is. She gets the occasional migraine, and becomes very scent sensitive, which forces me to use a soap that is mostly "scent neutral". I found that in this soap. I like the dense lather it creates, and it lubricates my face very well. Hard soap, it's very long lasting.
Another Soapy Bathman Favorite
Soapy Bathman Shave Soap, Orang-ouliThis is my second Soapy Bathman soap and I am very pleased with it. The scent is outstanding. Because it is a hard soap, I bloom with fairly hot water for a few minutes (as recommended by Soapy Bathman). After blooming, the soap loads and lathers wonderfully. Building a lather is a treat (I use either a boar or synthetic brush) and it provides fine cushion and slickness. Though I have only been a traditional wet shaver for about 7 months, of the soaps I have purchased (and there have been a number of them), Soapy Bathman is in my top 5. As another reviewer stated, the puck was loose inside the jar, but it did not affect the performance at all. YMMV, but for me, Soapy Bathman Orang-ouli is a top performing product with a wonderful scent, and good cushion, protection, glide and slickness. I also like that the container is large enough to make loading the brush quite easy without making too much of a mess.
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