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Shaving Soaps, Creams & Aftershaves Sale Reviews
Very smooth and easy to make lather with.
Muhle Aloe Vera Shaving Soap in Porcelain Bowl This has been the most pleasant soap I have used so far, even more than creams I have used. It does help the shave and skin if you do leave it on for a minute or two after you apply it, so just brush you teeth or something while you wait for it to soak in the skin. The porcelain container is a great bonus and is compact so it doesn't take up any more space than it needs to.
Soap Smooth Bordeaux Shaving Soap
Soap Smooth Shaving Soap, Bordeaux This is an excellent soap; somewhere in between a hard and soft soap. It lathers up very easily and there is very little waste that normally is associated with a soft soap. I purchased the brand thinking that it was a French product but happy to say that it is manufactured in the USA. It is an excellent value and easy on my super badger shaving brush.
My #1 pick
The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Tube, Lemon "Selecting a shave cream is really a personal decision. My experience is The Art of Shaving creams in a tube are tops. After washing/wetting my beard, I run hot water on my brush, squeeze out the excess H2O, and place a small dime-size dollop of The Art of Shaving in/on the center tip of the brush. Then work up a lather on my beard. For a super close shave, don't rinse the brush after the first application. Once you've shaved, rewet the brush ever so slightly (a few drops) and re-work up a lather for the final shave. My favorite scent is Sandlewood.
Creamy Lather
The New York Shaving Company Shaving Soap Bowl, Sandalwood "Overall the product is very good, nice scent, great lather performance, nice packaging. My only knock is I think it is over priced. There are a lot of artisans with great products for less money.
Worth every penny and more
Institut Karite Shaving Soap "This provides rich lather, excellent cushion. Very simple clean 'powder' scent. Moisturizing effect very helpful in cold weather months. Approach used: I soak the puck and brush in hot water in a bowl for a few minutes, drain, then viola, lathers easily. Only one item: This may leave a bit of build up on brush bristles. Rinsing brush thouroughly and presoaking the brush solves this. Very nice product. Puck is smallish but nicely milled to last for many a shave. This is going to stay in my rotation.
Quality: Easy four star. Value: Tough call
Osma Tradition After Shave Balm "I received this product in my West Coast Surprise / Mystery box. This is a darn good balm and a fantastic freebie. I have been sampling some soaps that leave my skin irritated and this product offers the soothing aftershave effect that's needed. It REALLY soothes. But, take note, 1.7 ounce for $25.
It is a nice fresh
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Eau De Toillette Spray, 100ml "It is a nice fresh product. I was hoping for a bit more lime
good soap
Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap, Citron Neroli "This is a good all around soap. It lathers fairly easily and gives a nice creamy lather that helped me get a close comfortable shave. The scent is interesting on this one. You can smell the citrus hiding under a slightly spicy scent. it's not too strong but i guess average in that respect. it is a little smaller than i'd like for a $20 soap so i docked a star. if you don't mind that, definitely give this one a shot.
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