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Our Favorite Artisan Soaps

Homemade, handcrafted, small batch. Here's our list of favorite artisans who have done the work and produced soaps with some staying power.

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Our Favorite Artisan Soaps Reviews
Great for that job interview, or a night on the town
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Executive Man Love this soap. My first soap from Stirling, and I am impressed. Great scent, and great lather.
1st time wet shaver
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap I had been intrigued by "wet shaving" since I saw my father and grandfather do it when I was younger. I shopped around the internet, compared sights to include reviews; West Coast Shaving edged out the other sites, so I decided to give them a try. I decided on #8 Silk Road Shaving Soap based on 2 factors; the ingredients and reviews. I am enjoying my lick and look forward to sampling other soaps and products. Thank you.
I felt like Colman from
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap I felt like Colman from Trading Places was shaving me, Very timely on the delivery,
Love the Scent!
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Sharp Dressed Man This soap is awesome! The scent is great and the lather is slick and thick! The Stirling Soap Company makes excellent soap! I have other scents and they are all great! I would highly recommend if you like a good thick lather!
Great soap
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap Just used this soap this morning for the first time creates a great lather I also use the #1gatsby soap and love it also I prefer its smell better but can't go wrong with either both soaps are great and protect my face for a great shave
strling shave soap sharp dressed man
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Sharp Dressed Man great soa p will buy again just wish the smell lasted longer
Great soap; superb scent
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Executive Man First off, having owned a few different batches of Creed's Aventus, which this particular soap by Stirling patterns its scent after, I can definitely say the likeness is spot-on.

The soap itself: what can I say? It lathers easily and extremely well, with lots of silky-smooth glide, the soap stays nice and moist throughout the shave, and it's gentle and nourishing on my skin! All the things a great shave soap ought to do (and do well), Stirling's shave soaps nail right down.

The scent: while the slight pineapple notes of the Aventus-styled fragrance might not be some guys' cup of tea, it's a great counterpoint to the more stereotypical, ruggedly masculine scents I prefer during colder months. This one is definitely unique, refreshing, and perfect for warm weather - plus, even though I say it's a less traditionally-masculine scent, that's not to say it's markedly feminine.

Just more of a "dandy sophisticate" scent than a "lumberjack explorer" scent.
Great smelling soap with outstanding lather
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap I picked up the sample of these soaps from West Coast Shaving and man, I'm hooked. This particular scent is the best one to my nose, with Gatsby coming a close second. The soap lathered up very well, went on smooth, and gave me a great shave. If you like this type of soap then I highly recommend it.
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