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Our Favorite Barbershop Soaps

Plate glass window, red-and-white-striped pole, newspaper strewn chairs, and the hum of clippers and conversation. Here are the scents to match the scene -- a list of our favorite barbershop soaps.

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Our Favorite Barbershop Soaps Reviews
Waiting for my faced to become chiseled...
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz Great product with a great smell. Being upfront though I am a little new to the 'nice shave' club. That being said it has a much better shave quality than the stuff that came with my beginners kit. Not to mention 1000% better smell. Highly recommended!
Soap Commander Honor
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Honor It's a great soap, lathers like a champion. Scent profile is classic barbershop.
As fine as you can get
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap The WCS description of this product is spot on. The soap loads and lathers quickly in my silver tip badger brush. The scent is wonderful leaving you feeling cool and crisp. The first couple of times I used the product, I did feel dry afterward, but this sensation has not returned; perhaps I left some soap on my face, or had too close of a shave. Either way, I'm certain it was nothing to do with the soap. I highly recommend this shaving soap. It's not Proraso in terms of value, but nothing is. :-)
Great Soap
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap One of the best or the best vegan formula soaps i have tried, easy load, easy lathering. Very good slickness, residual slickness and post shave feel. As always with soaps made by PAA. Nice cologne type scent, a little bit sweet for me, but it's ok for sure if you are unsure what to start from, i guess 4 people out of 5 will like it. Value for money , i think ill give it a 4.4, it would be 5 if priced less then 15$. Also i enjoyed the tub\packaging.
Home run
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap You hit it out of the park with this shaving soap. It goes on thick, creamy and razor glides.It reminds of some the Italian soap I have tried that are sofer than traditional soap so it easy to apply. Recommend to try
Very happy
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, American Blend This is a spicy scent which easily make a very rich later with nice cushion and excellent face feel and post shave residual
Awesome Soap!!!
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap Got this soap when it was on sale. I absolutely love it. Lathers well, great cushion and slickness. Smells wonderful. Definitely my favorite of the WCS scents.
A. Russell
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Barbershop You can never go wrong with Stirling products! Not your typical barber shop scent but still a great smell!
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