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Top Luxury Shaving Soaps

Oo-la-la! These soaps are the crème de la crème of lathering goodness. Try out one of these luxurious shaving soaps and treat yourself.

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Top Luxury Shaving Soaps Reviews
A lovely shaving soap
Czech & Speake No. 88 Shaving Dish with Soap I am please with the product. For me it is an affordable luxury so I won't complain of the high price for the good. My only disappointment was that product was not in when I wanted to order but that was mitigated by follow-up WCS did in tracking my desire and notifying me when it was in stock.
Shaving soap
Czech & Speake #88 shaving Dish & Soap
Czech & Speake No. 88 Shaving Dish with Soap "Excellent item, even though expensive.
Best skin feel
Tabula Rasa Herbal Shaving Soap "Expensive, but you are paying for quality and not hype: great lather, unmatched skin feel and post. By the way, in the above description the soap it is quoted as being a " sometimes illusive product", but probably should have said "elusive" because the soap does exist, it might be just hard to find.
Excellent shaving soap.
Klar Shaving Soap in Tin, ClassicExcellent product ; this soap doesn't give me billowing mounds of whipped-cream-like lather, but does give me an extremely close, comfortable shave with no irritation or razor burn at all. The crisp, business-like scent fades quickly, which I prefer. I rate it as a Great Value because it is rock-hard and will probably last for many months.
Perfect soap
Czech & Speake No. 88 Shaving Dish with Soap.A perfect soap in a fantastic soap container.
diamond in the rough
Bath House Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shaving Soap in a Bowl, 100g.decided to try this out just to see and was blown away by the lather on this soap. especially for a non tallow soap. think it gets lost in the shuffle at it's price point with bigger name soap out there but more than holds it's own. has a lovely scent and a great post shave fell. definitely a good sleeper.
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