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Top Mentholated Shaving Soaps

The tingle, the burn, the chill, the sting! If you love the eye-popping (& watering) of a mentholated soap, then we have the list for you. With soaps like Cryogen and Frostbite, you get an idea of what you can expect from this curation.

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Top Mentholated Shaving Soaps Reviews
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Chiseled Face Cryogen....Brrrrrr.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz Been using Osage Rub and Proraso Green and liked the feel of menthol so thought I'd jump into the deep end with Cryogen. Glad I did. Wonderful sensation with much more pizazz than the Proraso, but that's to be expected. Where this really takes off is with use after a first pass. That second helping of lather on a shaved face is exhilarating. Haven't tried Snake Bite yet but can't imagine it's much more potent than this. Nice lather and lubrication. This one stays in the rotation...
Great Product
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Orange Chill This product works very nicely. The soap lathers nicely, and the scent is good. The burn of the menthol chill feels amazing! Great product.
Consistent quality
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150g Tub My only choice now -- great lather, aroma, great company...not much else to say.
Great value
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150g Tub There is a ton of soap in this bowl. I'm almost kind of sad I can't use my wooden apothecary shave mug, but the menthol and eucalyptus cheers me right up. Easy to build lather, the scent is not overpowering, and you get a refreshing feeling when you apply it. Using a pre-shave oil before applying Proraso, your razor glides easily. I have used it about 10 times and look forward to shaving. I'm using a super cheap boar bristle brush and with a better brush, I'm sure you can get a really creamy lather. Will purchase again.
Everything I had hoped for
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz Having tried and reviewed another Chiseled Face shave soap (Sherlock) which I loved, I had to give this CF shave soap a try. It's name and the other reviews intrigued me, and I must admit I was not disappointed. Cryogen is indeed very cold but not unbearable as a matter of fact I use it to also shave my head. Some reviewers complain about poorer lathering so I visited CF's website and they provide specific lathering directions for this particular soap. Following those directions makes the difference. A definite keeper and it will be purchased again.
Proraso Shaving Soap
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150g Tub I’ve only used a few times so far, and it provided a good shave. Will have to give more detailed comments after I have used it a few more times.
I was not prepared and I feel like I just dry iced my face
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz I like menthol in my shaving soaps. In fact, I tend to like a LOT of menthol in my shave soaps, so when I saw Cryogen, it was a no-brainer. Ultra mentholated, I'm all in.

I gave the tub a good whiff when I got it and got my eyes to sting a little. That was nothing compared to the first shave. My eyes stung, my face felt like it had been packed in dry ice and it became kind of hard to breathe. This stuff was so strong, I almost had to switch to a different soap mid shave. ALMOST (Full disclosure: I'm a little bit of a glutton for punishment). All in all, this stuff gives a great lather, is super slick, with a ton of cushion and seems to go a long way. On an additional plus side, with all the menthol, I don't get ANY irritation or nicks. I do love this soap, and will be getting it again, that being said, this is about as pure of a summer soap as you can get, and I'm not sure I would dare to use in a cold climate, but who knows. I like to take risks.
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