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Our Favorite Outdoorsman Scents

Get a scent of the great outdoors with these amazing earthy, masculine aromas. When you can't get enough of the outdoors inside, then these are the soaps you want to try.

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Our Favorite Outdoorsman Scents Reviews
Greeat Lather, smooth shave!
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Coniferous This is everything I want in a shave soap. The scent is not overbearing - quite nice. The lather is great and doesn't take a long time to load. The shave is smooth and comfortable. I would recommend this one!
Great soap!
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Fortitude I am now an even bigger fan of soap commander soaps! So far every one I've tried has been great! Price vs. performance is excellent!
Lives up to brand name: 4.5 stars
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Green Vetiver Ok, finally got to break this out this week and after several shaves, this is a pretty impressive product for $12. Creamy lather almost appears like magic, that further develops on the face. Slick, nice cushion, clean tuat sikn feel after shaving that respnds to your next strp whether it is a cool rinse, or after shave treament. Scent of the bar is the green vetiver. Floral/citrus with a musk background. Strong in use, mild afterward. I find it appealing. Lady friend, ahem, loves it too. So, it has that going for it as well. This is going into my regular rotation. I have swithched over to hard soaps from various nicely performing croaps. This product is milled very nicely and will last quite a while (several months). For reference, my rotation is now, Institut Karite (cold months), Fine Green Vetiver (warm months), and for special occassions Czech & Speake No. 88. These three pucks will provide an entire year of shaves.
Ordered the WCS Sample Package
#14 Sequoia Shaving Soap Tried the Sequoia today (the first of the five samples I have tried).

Have been using Geo F. Trumper's Limes Shaving Cream and Taylor Of Old Bond Street Eton College Shaving Cream for many years.

The WCS Sequoia Shaving Cream was equal to the other two except it was easier to work up into a good lather (in a Crown King shaving scuttle), it was MUCH easier to clean the remaining WCS shaving cream out the scuttle when finished shaving, and the scent lasts longer after shaving.

Looking forward to trying the other four samples and will order more (as well as a bottle of After Shave/Cologne) of the one (or ones) I like best.
Captain's Choice North
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North "Love all of the Captain's Choice products. Great value and luxurious lather.
Best skin feel
Tabula Rasa Herbal Shaving Soap "Expensive, but you are paying for quality and not hype: great lather, unmatched skin feel and post. By the way, in the above description the soap it is quoted as being a " sometimes illusive product", but probably should have said "elusive" because the soap does exist, it might be just hard to find.
Excellent performer, complicated smell.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Summer Storm, 4oz "As a performer, this soap does a great job of protecting the face. Enjoy the smell, it's easy to say that it just smells like grass. But there's a lot more going on than that. A lot of very subtle smells that really do evoke experience of being in a summer storm.
Can't wait to try more Soap Commander!
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Fortitude "In an effort to try some non traditional soap scents I chose Fortitude. For a non tallow vegan soap the performance of this soap is first rate. As with any scent, individual preferences will vary. This is an earthy, non floral, non barber shop scent, that to me smelled better lathered than the first smell in the tub (which by the way is 6 ounces). I also ordered the matching balm. I couldn't be more pleased with the slickness and performance of both. I will definitely be adding additional formulas to my wish list.
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