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Best Sandalwood Shaving Soaps

So much sandalwood, so little time. . . Here are some of our favorite picks from this popular, masculine, exotic, intoxiating scent.

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Best Sandalwood Shaving Soaps Reviews
Shaving soap
Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Shaving Soap I love the smell and it lathers good. It is a perfect match for their after shave
R. Runner Soap
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap Out of all the soaps I’ve ever tried, I would say that West Coast Shaving’s new line of soaps are top of the line performance-wise. They are absolutely exceptional performers, thirsty soaps that whip up a rich, thick lather. However, this particular scent isn’t my favorite. It smells a little bit like peanut butter. And although I love peanut butter, I don’t want my soap to smell like it. I have tried this one (R. Runner), Sequoia, and Gatsby. Out of the three, I like the scent of Gastby way more than the others. WCS knocked it out of the park with Gastby. I think Seqouia was improperly named, also. I can’t quite place the smell, but it doesn’t smell like a Sequoia forest. I would prefer it to smell much more earthy and like Seqouia/pine/cedar trees. It’s not even close to either of those.
Nice Addition
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Sandalwood Found this soap was a tad slow to lather up the first couple of shaves. Then on the 3rd shave it seemed to lather uo real well using an old boar brush that was at one time made availabke to members of the Badger and the Blade.Razor used was a futur clone. Scent is awesome and lasts a pretty good amount of time.The glide was smooth and left me with an awesome bbs shave on 3 passes.Add moisture to this soap slowly.When I bought the soap I also bought the aftershave in the same awesome scent
Great, Slick, and Easy Lather
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap Purchased this along with Gatsby and Sequoia Soaps from WSC.

This scent is by far for me the best. As with all WSC soaps, the lather is easy and quick and leaves a lot of slickness on the face after a pass. I definitely recommend it.
Great Shave Soap
Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Shaving Soap This is a great soap! Lathers up nicely, which helps give a nice close shave. I would definitely recommend this shave soap.
old world soap
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap very nice scented soap, not overly strong. I let all my soaps bloom 5-10 minutes, brings out the scent and makes it load nicely. Instant rich lather filled the bowl. Enough for 3 passes and a cleanup. Very slick and protective , had a real close shave , my face looked and felt great. It's a great formular I would expect all the scents to perform as well.

I will certainly collect a few more scents.
#17 shave soap
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap I gave a review yesterday and it was not listed so I will try again. The soap was terrific, latherd very well and smelled real good. The problem was the shipping. Took 6 days from MD. To Tenn. 850 miles. The package was picked up Friday, did not travel until Monday, ordered on Thursday. Shipping used to be real quick.
Rum Runner - The Best of the New Artisan Line!
#17 Rum Runner Shaving Soap What a great smelling soap and aftershave! It's my favorite of the new WCS/PAA collaboration, edging out Gatsby from the sample pack selection. Contrary to some reports, this is definitely NOT a bay rum. Instead, this is a mildly sweet, woody and boozy concoction that pushes all the right buttons.

In fact, I struggle to see how anyone wouldn't like this scent. Neither the woody aromas nor the boozy smells are overwhelming. Instead, they balance against the blend in a kind of a happy place, like, say, the amount of rum in a good chocolate rum cake. At its best, you taste the rum as a supporting player, and not as the lone dominant note.

That's how both the wood and booze play here. Incidentally, this is not the sharp, slightly sour rum I've found in some soaps. (Say, Soap Commander's "Fortitude.") In fact, between the wood and mild sweetness, I'd say it smells more like bourbon than rum.

Strength is on the mild to medium side, about 3 or 4 out of 10. Loading is stone easy, and less than ten seconds of loading gave me enough suds for my standard three pass, plus bonus lather.

The aftershave is a great match to the soap, albeit with more of an alcohol smell initially. Everything settles down nicely though after application, and the scent lasted for me through about 5 hours today. Not bad at all!
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