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Our Top Shave Sticks

When you are looking for convenience (whether on the road or at home), look no further than a shave soap stick. Quick to apply to your face and whip up a lather. Check out this list of exceptional soaps -- in stick form.

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Our Top Shave Sticks Reviews
Beautiful product, great lather
Tabac shaving soap
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick I like this soap. It leaves a nice gliding coat and keeps me from getting a rash. one of the better soaps i've used.
Speick shaving soap
Speick Shaving Soap Stick I enjoy Speick Shaving soap over any other shaving soap or creams I have used.I do have sensitive skin and a sensitive nose so I really appreciate the natural ingredients and the light clean fresh scent.
very good
Palmolive for Men Classic Shaving Soap Stick Easy to use and yields a comfortable shave.
Nice Shave Stick
Speick Shaving Soap Stick Easy to apply, easy to lather makes for a nice smooth shave. Love the scent which tends to hang around for awhile so I use no-scent witch hazel after my shave. Easy to recommend.
Tabac scores
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick Wonderful lather and classic Tabac fragrance in a compact stick ready to travel. Thick, rich lather.
Veritable Classic!
Tabac Shaving Soap Stick I have been using Tabac for years. Its classic masculine scent is unmistakable with its floral tobacco notes. It is at home all year round, but I use it mostly in the Spring and Fall. It is still tallow-based so it creates sensationally thick as well as slick lather. Also, it leaves one's face well moisturized post-shave. I own this in the shave jar for home use and the stick for travel, as well as the cologne. The stick form is nice and is great for travel as it takes up almost no room. I have been wet-shaving for 35 years and this STILL is in my Top 5 shaving soaps. A masterpiece!
Pleasant smell, lathers up
Palmolive for Men Classic Shaving Soap Stick "You not supposed to remove all the foil at once, just enough to get to the soap, then work down as the soap is used up, my stick did fall out of that small cap at the bottom, you can also get some more aluminum foil and wrap it up for storage, for travel. Some people build a PVC holder with holes drilled to slide it in for travel.

You should wet the stick, let it sit for a few minutes, to help it go on, it is a rather hard soap, a little warm water, another way to use it is to wet the stick, soak your brush, sling excess water out of the brush, then hold the soap deep into the sink to keep down slinging the soap onto the top of the sink, floor, all over, and rub your brush over the soap in a circular back and forth motion rather quickly, trying to incorporate a little air, much like a soap dish.

It's a convenient soap and gets the job done, its been around for a long time.
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