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  • Artisan shaving soap
  • Glissant formula for amazing lather
  • Scented with leather, fir oil, and just a hint of menthol

First Snow is a seasonal scent with a limited production.

Will Carius launched Barrister & Mann in 2013 out of his tiny apartment in Boston, MA. Inspired to try traditional shaving because of his extremely sensitive skin, he soon found a following for his wonderful soaps and fantastic fragrances. And now he has upped his game yet again with a reformulated Glissant base that lathers even better (is it possible?). And, of course, new scents to keep you coming back for more. Try Barrister & Mann Shaving Soap, First Snow.

Like all Barrister & Mann soaps, this whips up a creamy, dreamy, dense, protective lather. Not content to rest on his laurels, Will has continued to innovate and this formula was worth waiting for. It is loaded with skin-nurturing ingredients to bring you an exceptional shave. Whether you lather by face or by mug, this thirsty soap will give you fabulous protection, lubrication, and post-shave effects.

If you want a match for the famously intense New England winters, then you want B&M First Snow. Inspired by the snow-covered woods, this scent takes notes of leather (from a warm suede-jacket), fir oil (from the surrounding evergreens), and a kiss of menthol (from the lips of a special one sharing your trail).

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA