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  • Handcrafted, artisan shaving soap
  • Vegetable and fruit based
  • Scented with a blend of citrus, spice, vetiver, and sandalwood: perfect for a cloudy day

When the overcast sky is threatening and your warm covers are calling, you need a pick-me-up to take you into that gray day. Look no further than Catie's Bubbles (named after the artisan's daughter). Soap maker Chris is making vegetable-based soaps with amazing performance and scents.

These are French style soft soaps with a top-notch lather, glide, protection, and scent. Coconut oil and glycerin provide the slickness and moisture you desire for a smooth shave. The tub is loaded with 8oz. of soap so you have many wonderful shaves to look forward too. However, this soap can absorb a lot of water so be sure it is completely dry after each use to maintain the quality.

Don't give gray a bad rap. Sometime gray days say slow down, take a seat, chat awhile. Or bake something, walk in the woods, snuggle. The aroma of this grooming requisite is a blend of citrus and spice, like a warm cup of tea. Then base notes of vetiver and sandalwood add masculine earthiness, like the world after a storm. It is clean and fresh, perfect for starting any day off right - even a cloudy one.

Enjoy your shave, no matter the weather - Catie's Bubbles Shaving Soap, Un Jour Gris.

Size: 4oz. (poured into an 8 oz. tub so there is plenty of room to lather.)

Made in the USA

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Glycerine, Fragrance.