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  • All natural and organic ingredients perfect for sensitive skin
  • Works well as both a face wash and shave soap
  • Classic Bay Rum scent

Cliff Original might just be the perfect product line for you if you are particularly concerned with chemicals. This company goes out of its way to produce natural, organic even, options. That commitment extends to this face wash and shave brick, a high quality soap that will hold up for a long time. You can use this with a brush to get enough lather to run a razor across your face or you can just use it to wash up, it will work fine either way. Because it is made out of organic ingredients, it is likely to be very much appreciated by guys with sensitive skin who may react to harsher additives.

The Bay rum scent is perfect for people who want something classic. It has a very distinctive aroma to it and it is one that most people find very attractive. If you want something classy and a little bit old-fashioned, this delivers in terms of how it's made, how it smells and how it holds up. There's a lot of quality here and, with other good hygiene tools, this can really make a difference in how you look and feel.

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA