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  • Natural and organic ingredients good for sensitive skin
  • Great for washing or shaving the face
  • Popular Cedar Musk scent

Are you having trouble with dry and flaking skin? There's no way to know for sure without taking a look at it- and being a dermatologist- but you might want to consider what you're using to wash up. For a good number of men, their skin is much more sensitive than they tend to think. The kind of cheap, deodorant cleansers you pick up at supermarkets strip a lot of the oil off of your body, leaving it unprotected from the elements and, as a result, your flesh gets oily, cracked, and dried out.

Enter Cliff Original Utility Wash Brick, Cedar Musk. This product is made out of organic ingredients, it's very gentle but it does a great job of getting you clean. This has a cedar musk scent to it- the manufacturer makes several other scents- that is absolutely perfect for some men. This is a pretty manly smell, but is gentle enough for the most easily irritated faces and bodies.

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA