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  • Handcrafted, small batch, artisan shaving soap
  • Vegan - coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin
  • Scented with a fresh, green, aroma - cedar, bergamot, leather, rosemary, and lily of the valley

Whether the dragons you face are deadlines or trap lines, boardrooms or barnyards, you can turned a clean-shaven countenance to the day with an exceptional artisan shaving soap. Let Dapper Dragon Vegan Shaving Soap, Green Dragon help you sally forth with the confidence of good grooming. 

A good shave starts with a good soap. Being able to create a rich, creamy, protective lather is key to getting the smooth face you want. Using stearic acid (from palm oil), coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerin, these soaps create a stable, long-lasting, protective lubricant. They also moisturize and nourish your skin so you can turn a healthy face to the world. Create the lather in the spacious tub and you are ready to go. . .

. . . ready to go slay your dragons. This scent will evoke the feeling of riding out to rid the world of dark beasts. Notes of cedar and bergamot kindle the image of towering trees while the leather, rosemary, and lily of the valley notes inspire deeds of greatness - mounted knight tramps through hill and dale to vanquish the dragon. Green, fresh, bold, this is a complex scent. 

Face the day with self-assurance. Face the day with Dapper Dragon Vegan Shaving Soap, Green Dragon. 

Size: 4oz. 

Made in the USA 

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Sodium and Potassium Hydroxides, Sodium Lactate, Essential Oils, and/or Fragrance Oils