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  • Shaving soap from Rockwell Razors
  • Loaded with natural ingredients
  • Scented with a barbershop aroma for the modern gentleman

Born out of a kick-butt Kickstarter campaign, Rockwell introduced their innovative “adjustable” razor in 2014. Since then they have continued to innovate and expand to bring you an exceptional shave. If you’ve tried their “hardware” you might want to give their “software” a go, too. Check out Rockwell Shave Soap, Barbershop.

Using natural ingredients and soothing oils, this glycerin-based formula will prepare your skin for the blade. Coconut oil, aloe, and a touch of menthol will leave your post-shave skin taut, smooth, and moisturized. Grab your favorite brush and get to lathering. You might want to invest in a shave mug, bowl, or scuttle for finishing your lather.

It is scented with Rockwell’s take on barbershop – a little more woody and masculine, perhaps, than a traditional barbershop. Notes of leather, neroli, anise, lilac, and cedar around out this shaving cream aroma. The puck comes packaged in a classic metal tin with a press-on lid. Mold to your favorite bowl or mug for an all-around great shave.

Size: 4oz

Made in Canada