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  • Artisan shaving soap from Soap Smooth (Seinfenglatt)
  • Loaded with coconut oil
  • Scented with grapefruit, cedarwood, & ylang ylang essential oils

This little artisan soap maker is starting to make waves. First as Seinfenglatt in the European market and now as Soap Smooth here in the US. Their vegan, small batch soaps are whipping up incredible lather: rich, slick, and protective. Try any number of their French-inspired scents to find the one that is right for you. Maybe it is Montpellier!

Filled with coconut-oil, this hydrating soap whips up into a froth. It is great for newbie or seasoned wet shaving veteran alike, as it is easy to create a good lather which provides excellent glide for your favorite blade. It is packaged in a spacious tub so you can load your brush inside the ample sides and not make a mess.

It is scented with a masterful blend of grapefruit & cedarwood. The masculine base is rounded out with top notes of ylang, ylang. Resting on the south coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier offers its name to this intoxicating scent. Nods to the tropical climes and hilly geography gives this aroma its interesting notes.

Oo-la-la! Try all the new Soap Smooth scents and find your signature fragrance.

Size: 6oz

Made in the USA